COVID-19 Update# 3

A quick update on the situation at PlaceIV

    • Changed from 2/3 persons to one person /elevator (unless you are from the same unit)
    • Postponed the AGM to a date to be determined (as advised by the Condo Association)
    • We’ve asked the front desk to insist that all PSWs and nurses wear masks and gloves before they are granted entrance.

We also to express thank you to all residents and staff for their cooperation in following all guidelines.  We are all fighting the same fight and want to come out of this crisis with the least impact on our staff and residents.  

Please continue to use common sense and keep yourself and others free from this virus.  We all appreciate the sacrifices and efforts that we are all experiencing.  It is for our common well-being.



Window cleaning update…

We realize that our windows have not been cleaned yet this year and many of us are looking forward to seeing clearly from our windows.

Due to new provincial regulations, we had to have engineers examine, upgrade and certify our roof anchoring system that the technicians attach their platforms and harnesses to.

The good news is the anchors are almost ready to be certified and we should be cleared to book our window cleaners for sometime in September.

Thank you for your patience in this matter – we will post notices when the work is scheduled.

Water fountain

We are aware of the water fountain being out of order due to mechanical problems.  We are investigating potential repairs options and even a possibility of a different look.

Stay tuned!