Friendly reminder – No pets in Place IV!

This is just a reminder that Place IV building does not allow pets  in the building.

There have been incidents in many condominiums where pets have been a cause of concern for other residents.

Keep in mind:  Some resident have allergies to some types of pets;   Other residents have complaints about noises or smells associated with pets;  Some negligent residents have  been found to have flushed cat litter and other large matter in toilets causing flooding to their units and other units — cat litter clumps when wetpipes are not a good place for clumps to form!

We want all residents to enjoy living here at Place IV … that is why there is a no-pets clause in our declaration —

Residents breaking the rules and causing noise, smells, soiling, damage, flooding or other pet related incidents could be faced with a large repair/cleanup fee or be subject to litigation.

Let’s respect our fellow resident and keep PLACE IV pet-free.

Lighting retrofit

In order to manage our expenses, we have undertaken a small project to help us all lower our monthly electricity costs.

You may be noticing over the course of the next few weeks that lighting upgrades will be performed throughout our parking garages and stairwells.

This new efficient LED lighting will save us thousands of dollars per year in electricity costs, especially for areas that have lights on 24 hours a day.  Additionally, these new tubes have a much longer life span than the old style tubes currently in use and don’t need replacement as often.

The LED lighting not only provides more efficient lighting but you may also notice they may be brighter than the old fluorescent tubes — better lighting at a lower cost — win-win!

New Security Provider for Place IV

Starting in late September Pillar Concierge and Security will be replacing Security Management Services.   Patricia and Gerry will still be providing their great services behind the front desk, but you will also see new faces behind the concierge desk and patrolling our building.

Pillar will be using newer technology and software to help manage our services better – from guest registration to parking enforcement among many other services.

We look forward to many years of quality service from Pillar Concierge and Security.

Bicycles – If you have one, REGISTER IT now!

We have a good mix of owners and resident here at Place IV — many of us like to exercise and try to stay physically active – and cycling is a popular activity especially during the warm months.

However, we only have a limited amount of bike racks in our garages.  We MUST account for all these bikes and make sure they belong to our current residents — therefore, you MUST REGISTER YOUR BICYCLE(s)!

As some owners leave or other residents move away, many times their bicycles are left behind – locked to the rack and never to be ridden again.  Last year we removed about 50 bicycles that were not registered and abandoned.  We posted many notices in the elevators reminding all residents to register their bikes. before removing the unregistered bicycles.

This fall, we will undertake this task again – unregistered bikes will be removed and disposed. We have limited space and must provide racks to those who need them.  We will post notices again hoping that our bicycle owners will remember to register their bikes.

Already registered?

If you registered your existing bikes already you do not need to register again – but if you replaced a bike or added a new one, please register it!

REMINDER   Just as a reminder, you cannot have a bicycle IN the building (elevators, hallways, stairwells). They must be kept on a bike rack – preferably locked.  The corporation is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any bicycle(s).

Parking Enforcement

Our new security guards will be authorized to issue parking tickets to cars that park in the fire route or if they are parked illegally on our property.

These tickets range from $40 to $60 for parking illegally — for example, unregistered cars in the visitors parking garage, non-service vehicles parking in the designated service parking (Yellow area) in front of the building —  and $175 for cars left without a driver in the fire route.

Friendly Reminder:  Visitors who stay overnight and do not have a permit on their dashboard could be subject to receiving a ticket. Also, staying beyond 2 a.m. warrants a permit — so make sure to advise your visitors!

Owners – have your tags visible!

Owners should have a parking tag hanging from their rear-view mirror or visible on the dashboard.  If you don’t have one, please stop by the management office to get one.


Residents leasing or renting parking spaces from owners will need a tag and confirmation of a current rental agreement in order to get one.


All Visitors must register their vehicles with the concierge.  If they are staying overnight or staying past 2:00am, they must get a parking permit from the concierge and display it on their dashboard.  Visitors must park in the visitors parking.

Service area

The small parking area in front of the building (painted yellow), outside of the visitors parking is parking for service vehicles (deliveries, short term workers and such).  It is there for the convenience of short-term servicesContractors and long term services can park in the visitors parking or for large vehicles in the service area to the left of the building entrance. Please don’t park there and tell your visitors not to either – we prefer not to post tickets!