The beauty of PlaceIV

With all the news about COVID-19 and other issues, we sometimes forget that we live in a beautiful country — and in a beautiful place.  We thought to share pictures of the beauty found on our 6.5 acres of planted and wooded grounds — not many condos in the GTA can match what we have!

We have paved pathways, a Rose garden, shade and beauty provided by our many trees … done with the help of our volunteers, management and your board of directors.

We hope you can walk about your property and truly enjoy its beauty this summer.   We should be proud of our little secret place in the heart of Mississauga.

Click on any picture to see it in its full glory!  Click your arrow keys to scroll through all the pictures once you’ve selected one.


COVID-19 Update# 3

A quick update on the situation at PlaceIV

    • Changed from 2/3 persons to one person /elevator (unless you are from the same unit)
    • Postponed the AGM to a date to be determined (as advised by the Condo Association)
    • We’ve asked the front desk to insist that all PSWs and nurses wear masks and gloves before they are granted entrance.

We also to express thank you to all residents and staff for their cooperation in following all guidelines.  We are all fighting the same fight and want to come out of this crisis with the least impact on our staff and residents.  

Please continue to use common sense and keep yourself and others free from this virus.  We all appreciate the sacrifices and efforts that we are all experiencing.  It is for our common well-being.



New Ping-Pong room opened

 We are pleased to announce that starting Monday April 16, 2018, our new Ping-Pong room (table tennis) will be open to our residents.

The new Ping-Pong room is at the far-end of the Billiards room on the 1st floor.

You can request the key for the room at the concierge desk.  You don’t have paddles and ping-pong balls? … We also have a kit with 4 paddles and 2-balls  that you can borrow when you are getting the key.

We ask that you take care of our new facility by keeping the room clean and taking care to not damage the walls or equipment.

Some basic rules are:

  • You have up to 1 hour per use but must forfeit after your hour is up if someone else is waiting to play.
  • Guests are allowed but must be accompanied by an adult resident.
  • No more than 4 players can play at a time.
  • The resident is responsible for any damage to the facilities and equipment.

Click this link to view the official rules (posted in the room):  Ping Pong Rules

2018 Budget is now available

The Annual Budget is now available at the concierge desk for all owners.

Please examine the document and check the back of the cover page to see what the new Common Element Assessment (CEA) fee (also known as the “condo fee”) is for your unit.  These new fees take effect December 1st, 2017.

We encourage all owners to use pre-authorized payments of monthly fees.  Forms are available at the Concierge desk or from the management office.

If you are already using pre-authorized payments, there is no need to reapply.

F.O.G. Advisory – Please Read

We have a recurring problem here at Place IV… FOG Clog.  FOG in this case means Fats, Oil and Grease.  A pain in the drain.  A costly pain.

Fats, oil and grease should never go down ANY drain Examples are:

Bacon grease, cooking oils, shortening, lard, sauces, meats, grease and fat from cooking.  They cool and solidify on the way down, clinging to the sides of the drain pipe and cause extreme narrowing of the pipe (see the picture below — this is real!)

Other items clog our pipes, such as:
Cat litter,  cotton swabs, dental floss, sanitary products, paper towels, condoms and “flushable wipes” … These all contribute to clogging our drain pipes.

NEVER pour any of these down the drain (or even flush them down the toilet) –  they cool in the pipe, harden and eventually cause blockage.    

These clogs have flooded some units when the water from above has nowhere to go but back up.  Please, let your grease cool, scrape it or pour it into paper towels (or something absorbent) and dispose in your regular garbage.  Please, avoid the convenience of pouring ANY OILS in the sink or the toilet or disposing  any of the listed items down the toilet.

Last year we paid over $30,000 unclogging pipes from obstructions.  That is a cost that we ALL SHARE.  We would like to keep our (your) condo fees down as much as possible – your assistance will help.

Fan Coil Units Tentative Schedule

As you are probably aware by now,  the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) replacement project has started.   The first phase is for replacing the 35-year-old old pumps — that is why there is neither cooling or warming coming from your FCU’s since mid-October.  The pump replacement will likely take till the end of October, then the heating will be turned on.

Once that is complete, we will be preparing for the upcoming replacement of every FCU in the building (there are over 600!).  Here is the tentative schedule as posted in the elevators and in the main lobby  area.

Work will be carried out between 9am and 5 pm.  Before the date that the workers will be in your unit ,  please clear a 4 ft by 4 ft space in front of the units for the workers.  Note that failure to provide access could result in extra payments by the resident.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the management office at 905-276-1221 ext 2.

Suites ending in Date span
05 November 20 to December 22, 2017 — Christmas break — January 3 until January 9, 2018
04 January 10 to February 6, 2018
03 February 7 to March 21, 2018
02 March 22 to April 19, 2018
01 April 20 to May 31, 2018
08 June 1 to June 29, 2018
Summer Shutdown No work in July and August
07 September 4 to October 16, 2018
06 October 17 to November 14, 2018


Reminder – No SMOKING

There has been reported incidents of people smoking in prohibited areas, such as within 9 metres (30 feet) of our entrances and even smoking inside the building stairwells.

This is technically illegal and unhealthy for our residents.  Some violators even choose to leave their marks (butts on the floor or black spots where the cigarette was crushed).

Examples of areas where smoking is prohibited are:

  • elevators
  • stairwells
  • hallways
  • parking garages
  • lobbies
  • exercise areas
  • party or entertainment rooms

For the consideration of all the residents of Place IV,  please refrain from smoking any substances within common areas or face large fines in accordance to the the current municipal and provincial laws.

Friendly reminder – No pets in Place IV!

This is just a reminder that Place IV building does not allow pets  in the building.

There have been incidents in many condominiums where pets have been a cause of concern for other residents.

Keep in mind:  Some resident have allergies to some types of pets;   Other residents have complaints about noises or smells associated with pets;  Some negligent residents have  been found to have flushed cat litter and other large matter in toilets causing flooding to their units and other units — cat litter clumps when wetpipes are not a good place for clumps to form!

We want all residents to enjoy living here at Place IV … that is why there is a no-pets clause in our declaration —

Residents breaking the rules and causing noise, smells, soiling, damage, flooding or other pet related incidents could be faced with a large repair/cleanup fee or be subject to litigation.

Let’s respect our fellow resident and keep PLACE IV pet-free.

Bicycles – If you have one, REGISTER IT now!

We have a good mix of owners and resident here at Place IV — many of us like to exercise and try to stay physically active – and cycling is a popular activity especially during the warm months.

However, we only have a limited amount of bike racks in our garages.  We MUST account for all these bikes and make sure they belong to our current residents — therefore, you MUST REGISTER YOUR BICYCLE(s)!

As some owners leave or other residents move away, many times their bicycles are left behind – locked to the rack and never to be ridden again.  Last year we removed about 50 bicycles that were not registered and abandoned.  We posted many notices in the elevators reminding all residents to register their bikes. before removing the unregistered bicycles.

This fall, we will undertake this task again – unregistered bikes will be removed and disposed. We have limited space and must provide racks to those who need them.  We will post notices again hoping that our bicycle owners will remember to register their bikes.

Already registered?

If you registered your existing bikes already you do not need to register again – but if you replaced a bike or added a new one, please register it!

REMINDER   Just as a reminder, you cannot have a bicycle IN the building (elevators, hallways, stairwells). They must be kept on a bike rack – preferably locked.  The corporation is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any bicycle(s).