Bell WiFi Pods

There has been confusion about the number of WiFi pods that Bell will provide as part of our package deal.  The answer is TWO of the larger WiFi pods. 

Many reps still have orders that contain only 1 pod — they may tell you that there will be an additional $5 per month charge for the extra pod — Bell has conceded that 2 pods are needed and will reverse any charges for the extra pod — you can get more than 2, but you will have to pay the extra charge monthly.

If Bell tells you there will be a charge, tell them to get you the 2nd pod anyway.  If you still see charges for the pods in your next Bell bill, email with the subject line:  Overcharge  for your unit#.

We will forward these issues to Bell.

Bell TV and Internet

As you may have noticed, Bell is active in the building installing their new Fibe TV and Internet services in each unit.   They will install your services only if you call and request an installation.   Information flyers were made available to everyone and are now available at the Front Desk — these sheets contain the instructions you need to get your new Bell services (included in your condo fees).

NOTE:  If you have had your Bell services installed and are satisfied with the service. you MUST call Rogers and cancel yourTV services immediately, otherwise you may be facing a  bill from Rogers in January for the TV services (including the set-top box rental, if applicable).

Free Common area WiFi

Since we’ve been upgraded to BELL Internet,  we have the ability to offer WiFi access to the Lobby area, Gyms and Party Room.

The passwords will be posted in the gyms and party room.  For Lobby WiFi, please ask the concierge at the front desk.

Passwords will be subject to change infrequently, so be sure to check in the respective areas for the latest passwords.

Lobby View

With Rogers services terminated on Dec. 31, 2021, the Lobby Channel no longer available.   In its place we added the Lobby-View page where you can view the lobby from.

The Lobby-View is made available to all residents — but is password protected to prevent outsiders from viewing our lobby. To get your Lobby-View password, you will have to email and provide your Unit# and name. A password will be emailed back to you if you are the registered owner of the suite.  The password is also posted at the Front Desk.

Please refrain from sharing the password with non-residents. We will be changing the password occasionally.   If you are unable to connect, please email us for the password again.

You can click on the Lobby View on the top line (or click here).  Provide your password where prompted.