Reminder! Sunday Dec. 3rd – Christmas Wine and Cheese

Remember the date — Sunday, Dec 3 for our popular wine and cheese party  for all Place IV residents. ( You must be 19 years old or older! )

Enjoy the music of the Speck Brothers, dance,  join in the carolling, win door prizes and mingle with neighbours for some Christmas Cheer.

So, please come join us Sunday from 2pm till 5pm — Have a glass of red or white wine, taste some yummy cheese and mingle with your Place IV fiends.

We look forward to seeing you!

Disposal of unregistered bicycles

As we have a limited amount of bicycle racks in our parking garages, we must make sure these bikes are still in use and owned by our residents.  Last year we posted reminders for everyone to register your bicycles so that we can account for them.

Last year, many residents did register their bikes – and for those that were still unaccounted for, we removed them and stored them for a year.   Now, the time has come to free up the space for these unclaimed bicycles and we will be donating some to charity or outright disposing of unusable bikes.

We will also begin the process of removing unregistered bicycles again. So — if you have a bicycle in our bike racks and you’ve not registered them alreadyplease register @ the management office ASAP, as they will be removed.

Already registered?

If you registered your existing bikes already you do not need to register again – but if you replaced a bike or added a new one, please register it!

REMINDER   Just as a reminder, you cannot have a bicycle IN the building (elevators, hallways, stairwells). They must be kept on a bike rack – preferably locked.  The corporation is not responsible for loss, damage or theft of any bicycle(s).

Power outage update

As most residents are likely aware, on November 17th we had a power outage at Place IV.

The power was disconnected yesterday afternoon so that the technicians could perform an emergency repair of a power transformer that failed yesterday morning and was also the cause for the early morning fire alarm.

Power was finally restored at about 7:30pm.



2018 Budget is now available

The Annual Budget is now available at the concierge desk for all owners.

Please examine the document and check the back of the cover page to see what the new Common Element Assessment (CEA) fee (also known as the “condo fee”) is for your unit.  These new fees take effect December 1st, 2017.

We encourage all owners to use pre-authorized payments of monthly fees.  Forms are available at the Concierge desk or from the management office.

If you are already using pre-authorized payments, there is no need to reapply.

New Treadmill

We have installed a new treadmill recently to replace one of the older models that needed expensive repairs.

This new model (Sole S77) offers quieter operation and has  a modern console with many options.

To make operation easier, there are buttons on the lefand the right handles that control speed up/down and inclination up/down or you can change setting using the many option buttons.

We hope you enjoy the new equipment and continue to keep yourself as active as you can.

The new treadmill has been installed in the small exercise room across the hall from the men’s gym on the 1st floor.   Take a look and try it out.  There is a user’s guide near the machine that explains the options in more details.



Latest on Window Cleaning

You may have noticed that your windows may not have been cleaned yet.  Due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances, the window cleaning has exceeded its forecast of end of October.  However, it is still in progress and will continue until they are all cleaned.

Just a reminder that if you wish privacy, close your blinds;

Also, if you need assistance in temporarily removing the screens from your windows, you can request via the management office for one of our staff to help remove them, assuming they have the time.   Keep in mind, you will have to sign a waiver that the staff nor the corporation will not be responsible for any damage caused by this offer.

Here’s to clearer days ahead!

F.O.G. Advisory – Please Read

We have a recurring problem here at Place IV… FOG Clog.  FOG in this case means Fats, Oil and Grease.  A pain in the drain.  A costly pain.

Fats, oil and grease should never go down ANY drain Examples are:

Bacon grease, cooking oils, shortening, lard, sauces, meats, grease and fat from cooking.  They cool and solidify on the way down, clinging to the sides of the drain pipe and cause extreme narrowing of the pipe (see the picture below — this is real!)

Other items clog our pipes, such as:
Cat litter,  cotton swabs, dental floss, sanitary products, paper towels, condoms and “flushable wipes” … These all contribute to clogging our drain pipes.

NEVER pour any of these down the drain (or even flush them down the toilet) –  they cool in the pipe, harden and eventually cause blockage.    

These clogs have flooded some units when the water from above has nowhere to go but back up.  Please, let your grease cool, scrape it or pour it into paper towels (or something absorbent) and dispose in your regular garbage.  Please, avoid the convenience of pouring ANY OILS in the sink or the toilet or disposing  any of the listed items down the toilet.

Last year we paid over $30,000 unclogging pipes from obstructions.  That is a cost that we ALL SHARE.  We would like to keep our (your) condo fees down as much as possible – your assistance will help.