Fan Coil Units Tentative Schedule

As you are probably aware by now,  the Fan Coil Unit (FCU) replacement project has started.   The first phase is for replacing the 35-year-old old pumps — that is why there is neither cooling or warming coming from your FCU’s since mid-October.  The pump replacement will likely take till the end of October, then the heating will be turned on.

Once that is complete, we will be preparing for the upcoming replacement of every FCU in the building (there are over 600!).  Here is the tentative schedule as posted in the elevators and in the main lobby  area.

Work will be carried out between 9am and 5 pm.  Before the date that the workers will be in your unit ,  please clear a 4 ft by 4 ft space in front of the units for the workers.  Note that failure to provide access could result in extra payments by the resident.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the management office at 905-276-1221 ext 2.

Suites ending in Date span
05 November 20 to December 22, 2017 — Christmas break — January 3 until January 9, 2018
04 January 10 to February 6, 2018
03 February 7 to March 21, 2018
02 March 22 to April 19, 2018
01 April 20 to May 31, 2018
08 June 1 to June 29, 2018
Summer Shutdown No work in July and August
07 September 4 to October 16, 2018
06 October 17 to November 14, 2018


Diwali 2017

Another successful Diwali celebration took place on Sunday Oct. 15th and we had another capacity crowd attending.

The appetizers, the main course, the desserts, the entertainment, the prize draws, the beautiful outfits, the wonderful people and the overall party atmosphere all added up to a warm and memorable evening of fun and friendship — reflecting the richness of our community at Place IV.

Thank you to all the organizers who worked diligently at making this evening a resounding success!

Click HERE for the pictures of the event.

Air Conditioning is now off for the season

As we prepare for the upcoming Fan Coil Unit (FCU) replacements, some upgrades must be made to the major pumps that circulate the cold water in the warm months and hot water in the cold months – this is how our FCU’s provide heat or Air Conditioning.

We ask for your patience from October 16th until October 31st as the pumps will be off while our 35 year old pumps are getting replaced with modern and more efficient pumps – providing much needed energy savings and better control and reliability of our heating/cooling system.

Once complete, we will switch the system to circulate hot water to keep you warm until spring.

Reminder – No SMOKING

There has been reported incidents of people smoking in prohibited areas, such as within 9 metres (30 feet) of our entrances and even smoking inside the building stairwells.

This is technically illegal and unhealthy for our residents.  Some violators even choose to leave their marks (butts on the floor or black spots where the cigarette was crushed).

Examples of areas where smoking is prohibited are:

  • elevators
  • stairwells
  • hallways
  • parking garages
  • lobbies
  • exercise areas
  • party or entertainment rooms

For the consideration of all the residents of Place IV,  please refrain from smoking any substances within common areas or face large fines in accordance to the the current municipal and provincial laws.

Air Conditioning cutoff from Oct. 15 till Oct. 31st

As you may be aware, this fall we begin the replacement of all the fan-coil units (FCU) throughout the building.

These units provide you air-conditioning in the warm months and heating in the cool months. The FCU’s are being replaced with more modern and more efficient technology which will provide us all with energy cost savings and more comfort for you.

In order to prepare for this new system replacement, we need to replace the main pumps that have been working for decades with newer, more efficient pumps. These are the pumps that circulate the water through the FCU’s.
This process is estimated to take approximately 2 weeks, starting October 15th and ending October 31st. Once replaced, we will perform our annual switch-over from cooling to heating.

As the weather is unpredictable most of the time, we ask for your patience while the transition happens. Hopefully, the weather will be cooperative and not cause extreme variances in temperature that would cause us discomfort.