Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. It is clearly stated in PCC232 (Place IV) by-laws that animals (e.g., dogs, cats, mice ... etc) are prohibited in the building.

Be advised that any damage, smells, stains, noises, plumbing blockages (such as flushing cat litter down the drains), etc. caused by illegally harbouring pets will be charged back to the owner and/or may involve litigation.
If you are doing a renovation of any kind, you MUST advise the management office @ 905-276-1221 during working hours. (See management hours post).
There are limitations as to WHEN you can renovate (certain hours and days of the week). Please check with management for details

  • You MUST book the SERVICE elevator if you are moving large items in or out of the building.
  • If you use the elevators without requesting it first and you cause damage to the elevators or common elements, you will be liable for any repairs.
The Management Office, located on the 1st floor, is opened Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm; On Thursdays, it remains open till 7:00pm.

Note that the office is closed on statutory holidays and for special events. Notices of these closures will be posted on the management office door.
If you are booking the party room or the service elevator, you need to provide a $1,000 deposit (cash or cheque) to be held by the Management office.

If you wish, you can provide a $1,000 cheque to be held at the Management Office for 6 months for any party room rentals or elevator bookings. This saves you from having to issue a new deposit every time you wish to rent these facilities.
Please visit the management office. We will check the schedule and book your time slot if available.

Be advised that a $1,000 refundable deposit is required at time of booking.
Yes and we encourage you to recycle your cardboard, glass, recyclable plastics and cans.

There is a large blue bin located at the lobby level at the loading dock (to the right of the lobby level parking door).

Please don't throw glass, or cardboard or large pieces (like pizza boxes) down the garbage chute -- they've caused expensive blockages in the past.

Be considerate and help keep our annual costs down.

You need to register your guest at the front desk and if they have a car, they must register their car and park in the visitors parking.
Yes - otherwise they could get ticketed for being illegally parked on our property.

This is the only way to identify who is a visitor in our building -- we don't want non-visitors people taking advantage of our limited parking spots.

Unregistered vehicles can be fine $40 - $60
Most issues (complaints, suggestions, questions) should be addressed to the building management office during office working hours. If the office is closed and a situation needs immediate attention, please contact the concierge desk who may then contact the appropriate people, depending on the particular question or complaint.
Please register your bicycles at the Management Office. If your bike is not registered, it may get removed (locks cut) and disposed of after a waiting period. Also, we advise you to always lock your (registered) bike --- we are not responsible if it is lost, stolen or damaged.
The pool is opened from 6am till 12 midnight. Note that adults only (17+) are permitted in the pool after 8pm and there is a limit of 10 people in the pool at a time.